Beatty Floors Limited

Maintaining standards in Vancouver
Written by: 
Kadie Jepsen
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Sean O'Reilly

Longevity is a rarity in today’s business world. Beatty Floors Limited (Beatty) was founded in 1929 by Fred M. Beatty and has grown exponentially since. “We have a history of servicing people very well in this industry and they keep coming back,” details Vance McCarthy, president of Beatty.

The company is now one of the largest full-service flooring contractors in the country with more than 85 years of expertise. “Beatty is located in East Vancouver and features a comprehensive showroom, along with a fully stocked warehouse.”

Beatty Floors Limited

Flooring projects

McCarthy explains that the majority of projects completed by the company is retrofit work. “Most of our focus is in corporate Vancouver, we work with companies that build-out office TI’s, as well as retrofit carpet and occupied offices at night,” he says. “We have a good presence in the post-secondary education, assisted-living for seniors and medical services, as well as industrial developments.”

Due to the company’s expertise, Beatty has been recognized by Starnet in Vancouver. “We are the only location in B.C. that is Starnet-approved, which is the leading commercial flooring partnership located in North America,” McCarthy states proudly. As a member of Starnet, the company has to adhere to very high professional standards in commercial flooring; Beatty supports its honor with pride.

The company has accumulated numerous high profile projects over the years, which vary in size. “We were just awarded the Telus Gardens project, which is very exciting for us,” McCarthy states. The project will require new flooring on eight floors in Telus Gardens’ new building, located in downtown Vancouver.

Another project with incredible style is the sizeable new offices of Hootsuite. “In this project we collaborated with the design staff to fulfill the wishes of the owner,” McCarthy elaborates.

The New Vancouver Film School located in Gastown, Vancouver, is also a project that brings great pride to McCarthy. “It’s spectacular,” he elaborates. “We did a lot of neat stuff in there and they went wild with their selections.”

Growing potential

It’s not only the projects themselves that fills McCarthy with a sense of pride, but the business itself. “It’s ever-evolving,” he describes. “The industry is getting into products that are a lot more ecologically friendly and feature less adhesives. There are also more products that can be recycled, as well.”

Beatty is the only place in downtown Vancouver where the company recycles old carpet removed during projects. “Everything gets palletized and sent back to the manufacturers to be made back into carpet,” McCarthy says proudly. “All cardboard, plastic glue buckets and old carpet gets recycled.”

The company is very leading edge when it comes to environmental responsibility in the flooring business. “This effort is completed without costing the clients a dime,” he continues. “In the past we were one of the largest waste producers, reducing the waste is a responsibility our team has taken seriously.”

All for one

One of the fortunate aspects of the company is that there are no outside contractors that are used on Beatty projects. The team tackling each job is made up of the people who are with the company every day, understand how the business is run and what is expected while at the job site.

“We don’t subcontract labor,” he continues. “It’s a philosophy that we work from top to bottom, meaning we want to leave a positive mark and ensure our customers come back for the next round of flooring.” The entire staff – drivers, installers, purchasers, salespeople, receptionists and the accounting team – maintains a stable work force that is friendly and utilized every day.

The company has built up a loyal client base over the years and continues to strive for optimum success in the flooring business. Beatty considers its growing market shares as a great indicator for how well the company is succeeding in the industry. “I also make sure that I take care of my staff, I care about them and I think that shows in the way I operate the business,” says McCarthy.

Beatty maintains that it’s the teamwork that has made the company into what it is. Beatty Floors Limited has grown to be a valuable asset in the flooring industry, demonstrating environmental efforts, quality and efficiency. 

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