Boyd Excavating Ltd.

Running steady, always ready with rapid response
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
Sean O’Reilly

Boyd Excavating Ltd. (Boyd) is one of the fastest growing companies in Saskatchewan. Based in Moosomin and Regina, with rapidly growing trucking and excavating, industrial earthworks, water and sewer and trenchless utilities divisions, business is booming for Boyd. The company has become a one-stop shop for construction needs, from basic foundation excavation to demolition, utilities and oil and gas construction.

Tyler Boyd, who founded the company at just 19 years old, says the key to Boyd’s success is timely response. “The largest job we ever landed was because I answered an urgent call for several excavators in the middle of the night,” he says. “Other larger companies just can’t respond that fast, you end up having to go through 10 levels before anything happens. My cellphone and any of our management teams’ are always on. That’s what sets us apart- our people and how fast they can respond.”

Running steady, always ready has been Boyd’s motto since 2007 when the company first entered the construction market. “This is what I’ve always wanted to do,” says Tyler. “I started by myself, one hoe, taking on everything that I could.”

Divide and conquer                                                                                          

In spring 2009, Boyd earned a job digging a hotel basement. That job lasted close to a year, and got the fledging company off the ground. Boyd quickly went from two employees to 25. “That was kind of the turning point for us,” says Tyler.

Fast forward another year to spring 2010 and Boyd expanded more, purchasing another company in Regina. “Our head office is now in Regina but we recently added a satellite location in Wainwright, Alberta,” notes Tyler. “Today, Boyd now has 120 employees and we’re working all over western Canada, from the Northwest Territory to the British Columbia coast.”

Not only is Boyd growing in geographic reach, the company has also expanded its services to encompass four divisions: trucking and excavating, industrial earthworks, water and sewer and trenchless utilities. All four are growing so rapidly, Tyler says he can’t point to just one that’s outperforming another. “We have a lot of work going on in each and every one,” he says. “Some even have work booked into 2016.”

Boyd’s main target market is oil companies, but the company tackles a diverse set of challenges in the construction industry, ranging from site services to hydrovac, horizontal drilling to aggregate processing and delivery. “On the industrial side we work with pipeline companies and railways,” says Tyler. “The water and sewer division works with cities and municipalities and the trenchless-utility division delivers directional drilling and fiber optic plowing –part of our newest addition in Alberta.”

Boyd’s trucking fleet is equipment with an extensive list of modern excavation equipment and trucks to match any size job. The Boyd fleet includes; 25 excavators, 11 loaders, 10 skid steers, 50 trucks, 50 trailers, four bulldozers, three stone slingers, a screening plant and a crushing plant. “Whatever material need, we can deliver,” assures Tyler. “We supply everything from sand and gravel to road base, topsoil and clay. Our specialized conveyor materials delivery truck fleet allows for precise spreading and placement.”

Fast, efficient delivery

While the company’s services cater to the oil industry, Tyler says that isn’t necessarily Boyd’s go-to client. “We don’t guide ourselves by a set market; we don’t say we just want to be an oilfield company or just a utility company,” he compares. “Instead, we attach ourselves to customers that pay well and appreciate our rapid response.”

It’s rapid response and fleet deployment that landed Boyd its first sizable project and many more. “In spring 2014, we tackled our first entire fiber optic network in Wainwright, Alberta,” shares Tyler. “It’s led to more opportunities as local companies come to us and ask if we can set up permanently to do similar jobs. Initially, we just went there for a six-month job and we ended up leaving with more work so much that I decided to send a supervisor there to set up an office in Wainwright.”

The satellite location has been so successful that Tyler hopes to further the company’s Alberta presence. “In the next couple of years, we hope to have another 40 to 50 employees out in Alberta; at the moment we’re just under half that amount,” he details.

Back in Saskatchewan, Boyd completed total site prep for an industrial project, including sewer and utilities, directional drilling and aggregate spreading. But no matter the project type, location and how quickly Boyd gets there, Tyler says there’s one thing that is always in the front of everyone’s mind: safety. “The customer needs to be happy, but even more importantly, everyone needs to go home safe,” he measures. “We demonstrate our commitment to a safe workplace by maintaining a construction certificate of recognition (COR) and a corporate membership in ISNETWORLD. Our company safety team works hard to ensure that all Boyd members have the required training and certifications for the job at hand.”

As a 24-year-old president and CEO, Tyler recognizes the value of safety as Boyd continues to rapidly response to a range of construction industry challenges. Providing expert service to a range of critical industries, Boyd Excavating Inc., is on a rapid growth trajectory, running steady and always ready for the next move.

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