Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc.

Calgary’s largest loading dock and racking installation company
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Sean Barr

Owen Colbourne founded Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc. (CCM) in 1998 as a small company dedicated to high-quality loading dock maintenance, repair and equipment installation. After more than 15 years, the business has grown steadily. The team of 32 professionals service commercial clients throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Based in Rocky View, Alberta, the company works throughout Western Canada and has become a leader in the regional market.

Owen is semi-retired and spends December through March each year living on a surf beach in the Philippines with his wife, Julieta Garcia Colbourne. “I’m still very hands-on,” he explains. “I’m connected to the same network via computer, so I can help make sure all of our projects run very smoothly.”

Charles Beaver, installation administrator for CCM, has been a dedicated employee for the past 14 years, and Georgina Cooke, office manager, boasts 10 years of dedicated service; together, the two oversee day-to-day operations during Owen’s absence.

Owen and Charles share a strong dedication to stability and high-end service. CCM strives to provide timely and budget-friendly installation and maintenance work, drawing praise from the company’s many large commercial customers.

Professional service

Aside from value and quick turnaround, CCM’s customers have a lot of good things to say about the company’s service. Owen’s team requires little supervision and staff members are highly trained in the trade and proper safety procedures. The crew is able to pull off major installation projects for loading docks and pallet storage systems, without significantly interrupting or delaying the productivity of a client’s business.

Recent projects include a new storage rack system for high-profile grocery companies and large third-party logistics companies, some with as much as 5 million pounds of steel or 2,500 tons, as well as a handful of contracts with Engelhart-Reed and a variety of other contactors throughout the west. “We are doing a lot of new installations,” Owen explains. “We work closely with our main suppliers for rack systems, Konstant and Redirack. These companies produce durable pallet racking and shelving systems for our customers, who often need to organize a lot of inventory.”

Owen goes on to explain that this is not all the company is capable of. “Approximately 50 percent of our business is in loading dock installation and repairs,” he continues. “We work closely with Dock Products Canada, part of the ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems family, which provides our dock levels, vehicle restraints, safety equipment and electrical controls, as well as other products. Dock Products is the manufacturer of our dock equipment line SERCO, KELLY and TKO door systems. Our relationships with these suppliers are very important, because they allow us to get better rates on materials, which we can then pass the savings along to our clients at the end of the day.”

Community involvement

One of the more impressive components of the business is CCM’s involvement in charitable organizations. Owen is a devoted Christian and backs up his faith with action. He supports a number of causes. “I also serve as vice president of Worldwide Missions of British Columbia,” he adds. “We sponsor several missionaries throughout the world, as well as orphanages and our organization translates the gospel into different languages.”

While at home in the Philippines, the outreach continues. Every year, he and his wife make sure that all the children in villages surrounding their compound receive a Christmas present from Santa. Some of the local children refer to the couple as Tito Owen, Uncle Owen and Tita Julie, Aunt Julie.

In 2013, Owen’s domestic employees provided 500 gift boxes of pencils, crayons, hairbrushes, handkerchiefs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and toys. Each recipient also received a bible printed in either Taglog or English. Owen and Julieta also distribute hampers of food to the community’s elderly.

The business also works hard to support temporary foreign workers (TFWs), who come to Canada to find jobs. “After having hired some TFWs over the past few years, we have discovered some agencies out there have exploited them,” Owen explains. “These agencies have taken thousands of dollars from them; promised them the world, but when they arrived in a foreign country, they received a grain of sand. This bothered me very much, so in turn, I moved forward on yet another endeavor.”

Owen founded an immigration agency. “I placed two people in the school program to receive their immigration license and now we have two immigration consultants,” he continues. “Our team is dealing with needs of other workers and finding positions for foreign workers, as well as Canadian residents and permanent residents.” The name of Owen’s fair labor agency is Canadian Powerhouse Labor Resources Inc.

With deep roots in the community and a strong foundation, the business is in a period of stability. Owen is looking ahead to the next few years with a plan to expand the company’s reach through more service work. The market is on an upswing, though he notes that he is cautiously optimistic about the coming years. Despite fluctuations in growth, Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc. maintains a steady focus on providing quality, safe services with a high level of integrity.

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