Deep Foundation Contractors Inc

Foundation and shoring solutions in Ontario and beyond
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley

Deep Foundation Contractors Inc. (Deep Foundation) has been in business since 1971, established by Bill Lardner and David Miller Sr. For more than 40 years, the employee-owned company has provided safe, efficient services for contractors and project owners throughout the country. Headquartered in Stouffville, Ontario, Deep Foundation provides diverse, integrated foundation and shoring solutions for both public and private contracts.

Bill Starke, CEO of Deep Foundation, has been with the business since 1985. He works alongside Mauro Scanga, president; Michael Cianchetto, vice president of operations; and Ron Vermey, vice president of sales and contracts.

The strong management team works with a crew of 250 dedicated employees, spread throughout three locations in Canada. The headquarters in Stouffville offers excellent access to the Toronto market, while two satellite offices in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta, provide coverage for the western portion of the country. Deep Foundation is the largest foundation contractor serving the Greater Toronto Area, and one of the largest in the country.

A growing portfolio

The Deep Foundation team is continuously taking on more complex projects both in the public and private sector. The business has been recognized several times for an innate ability to tackle unusual challenges in a timely and safe manner. Many of these projects have been featured in magazines, such as Piling Canada, Pile Buck and Foundation Drilling Magazine.

Infrastructure growth has been a major boon for the company, which is in a period of strong growth. New locations in Alberta have opened up new opportunities for the team as Deep Foundation contributes to community growth all over the country. Recent work includes a number of transportation projects for public agencies, as well as work building the foundations of new, high-rise condominium projects in some of Canada’s fastest growing communities.

“We have worked on the construction of five subway stations in Toronto,” Vermey notes. “Four of these projects are complete and comprise part of a larger transportation overhaul project for the city. One of those projects was featured in Foundation Drilling Magazine. Also in Toronto, we worked on an addition to Massey Hall. The building is being completely renovated and residential amenities are being attached to the original structure.”

In 2014, the business worked in five provinces. Deep Foundation is picking up a large market share in Western Canada, providing services to a range of distinct customers. “So far we have laid the foundations for the Children’s Hospital in Saskatoon,” Vermey notes. “That was a large project. We have a lot of work going on in Edmonton and Fort McMurray. We have developed relationships with general contractors in the region, which is leading to a lot of repeat business for us.”

Staying ahead by digging deep

The Deep Foundation team is optimistic about the coming years. The business is building new relationships across the country and taking advantage of a market focused on infrastructure in order to foster growth.

The crew has been a major asset of the team of contractors working on the Eglinton Crosstown Line, a light rail infrastructure project improving public transit in Toronto. “It was a bit of a milestone for us, getting involved with the Eglinton project,” Vermey states. “We really shine in projects that are unusual and different. We are very happy to be part of this growth in Toronto.”

While Deep Foundation faces fierce competition in the market, the team stands out in ways other companies cannot match. “We track and analyze our operations like anyone else,” he explains. “We gauge our success in part by sales, new products and profitability. When it comes to core competency, what makes us different is our superior technical expertise. We have a great team of motivated people. We provide safe and efficient field operations.”

The team can back up that claim with awards. Deep Foundation has earned recognition for the Best Safety Record in North America four times, as awarded by the ADSC and best in quality twice by the same organization. The company was also recognized in 2014 as one of the best-managed companies in Canada, thanks to the business’ strong employee ownership program.

As the business grows, the Deep Foundation team will maintain a focus on the more important aspect of the operation. While revenues continue to climb, the team is busy building relationships with contractors, municipalities and private owners and developers. Deep Foundation Contractors Inc. is approaching 45 years in business with consistent service, safety and quality.

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