Hoover Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Ltd.: Offering Total Support, Total Service

Brad Hoover and Greg Doetzel founded Hoover Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Ltd. (HMP) in 1998 to provide clients with the complete spectrum of mechanical contracting services. Rob Purcell and Rod Sjolie, vice presidents of HMP, took the reins in April 2010, helping to establish the Alberta-based company as a leading contractor for multifamily, institutional and commercial projects.

Purcell and Sjolie are proud to note that HMP’s approach emphasizes both employee safety and customer satisfaction, which is no easy feat. HMP belongs to several third-party safety accreditation organizations, as well as boasting on-staff national construction safety officers. HMP is also COR certified and provides extensive safety training, as well as professional development to ensure the team is up-to-date with current technologies and techniques.

HMP operates from headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, and employs a highly diversified team of roughly 180 professionals. According to HMP, the majority of the company’s management has been with HMP for over eight years. HMP’s vast experience and successful employee retention allows the company to continuously expand into many markets.

The company was primarily a multifamily new construction contractor until 2003, when the team added institutional and commercial projects to the focus. According to HMP, the diversification is now balanced evenly among all three project types.

Self-sufficiency is the name of the game at HMP, and the team’s combined experience allows the company to serve as an ally for clients in need of prime mechanical, plumbing and heating services. In fact, the only components HMP regularly subcontracts out include insulation, controls, sheet metal, fire protection and refrigeration work. Even then, HMP reaches out to a network of the area’s most experienced subcontractors, weighing more than just lowest cost to determine the best candidate for the job.

The evaluation of the team’s sub-trade selection process ensures that clients receive the quality workmanship that HMP has built its reputation upon and also reflects the importance HMP places on its team’s experience. HMP offers tuition reimbursements to encourage employees to pursue professional development programs, as well as offering a scholarship program awarded to the highest ranking student in each level of the apprenticeship program at the end of each technical training year. This value is echoed throughout the company, especially amongst upper management.

Experienced, Diversified

Purcell and Sjolie have both worked in the industry their entire working careers in addition to being involved in the apprenticeship program, ensuring both embody extensive experience and are well versed in all components involved in acting as a prime mechanical contractor. The duo has many skills, including bid and spec lump sum tenders, design-build-assist services, construction management and more.

Moving with the industry and the growth of the company as Purcell and Sjolie did allow for an unmatched insight to operations. This perspective pushes HMP’s management staff to a hands-on approach when overseeing the company’s operation.

Furthermore, the company’s emphasis on continual education ideally positioned HMP to develop a comprehensive environmental responsibility plan that includes several LEED-certified projects. The company works to ensure every installed system meets customer performance objectives, in which HMP’s manuals outline proper procedures for waste management, fuel storage and erosion, as well as sediment management. These manuals also ensure that HMP employees capitalize on all available resources, generate as little waste as possible, and comply with all local and regional environmental legislation.

The manuals also serve as an extension of HMP’s safety policies, which the company continues to revisit and refine in maintenance of current requirements, as well as in anticipation of new challenges. HMP preaches that all accidents can be prevented, which not only protects the company’s competitive edge in the marketplace, but also ensures HMP’s talented staff go home safely every day.

In turn, HMP has accumulated a long list of loyal clients in both the multifamily and commercial construction sectors. The company more recently utilized the team’s experience for the construction of a mixed-use development project. Keynote Urban Village in Calgary opened its first phase for occupancy in 2010. Calgary-based design firm Gibbs Gage Architects supplied the design for the four-building development, using an unusual 45-degree angle slope along the side of the three high-rise components to maximize daylighting. The team first completed 40,000 square feet of retail space, the 26-story residential Tower 1 and the 14-story office tower.

HMP crews will continue working on the second, 29-story residential tower through 2013. Purcell and Sjolie jokingly refer to this as Hoover Corner, as the team also completed Keynote, the Round Up Centre expansion, Arriva tower, Calgary Stampede Grandstand renovations, Sasso tower, Vetro tower and NuEra tower. In addition, the team is also working on Alura tower and Keynote Tower 2, all of which are within a stone’s throw from each other.

Moving with the Market

HMP’s strong reputation in the multifamily residential market facilitated a shift toward more commercial and institutional work. HMP supplied a full-service mechanical package to the construction of the Calgary Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints. The building is the church’s third temple in Alberta and the eighth in Canada. The Calgary Temple of the Church of Latter Day Saints will be officially dedicated in late October 2012, and HMP was proud to have contributed.

The team at HMP completed work on one of its larger projects in early 2012 at the Genesis Centre of Community Wellness in Calgary, which opened in January. The $120 million complex provides 225,000 square feet of space to house the Calgary Public Library, the Calgary YMCA and a wealth of health services and recreation amenities as well. HMP was proud to provide the full scope of mechanical services for the esteemed project, in addition to other major Calgary projects, including Oliver Bowen Light Rail Transit Maintenance Facility and the new Emergency Operations Centre. “We did see the amount of available work decrease in the wake of the economic downturn, but are realizing an increase in contracts once again due to our diversification,” says Purcell.

HMP has a lot to be positive about, as the company will celebrate its 15-year anniversary in 2013, although Purcell and Sjolie haven’t ironed out the celebration details yet. The HMP team looks forward to further growth ahead, and while the company may not be looking to expand past Alberta, it is clear that wherever opportunity presents itself the Hoover Mechanical Plumbing & Heating Ltd. team will be well positioned to participate.