K and L Contracting

Aggregate and forestry services in British Columbia
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Tom Faunce
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Sean O’Reilly

Founded in 1997 by Lincoln Douglas, K and L Contracting has grown into a multipurpose contracting firm. Located in Rosedale, British Columbia, K and L Contracting specializes in logging road construction, forestry and aggregate products and services.

Douglas has been building roads and pipelines since 1979. With a logger for a father, he started in the forestry business while still in high school. At the age of 12, Douglas was already operating a skidder, and by 14 he was running bulldozers. “My father had all of his own equipment and he taught me how to use it all,” recalls Douglas. “I would work for him on the weekends and during the summer. I had a knack for it so I just kept going with it.”


In the aggregate sector of the business, K and L Contracting sells an average of 300,000 tons of gravel a year. “We’ve also become competitive in the asphalt and concrete supply industry,” says Douglas. “We run wash plants and crushers and our product is a bit unique compared to what other people have. Our location has also become stronger than what it was 20 years ago. There’s a lot more sand out in the valley than there used to be.”

Throughout the years, K and L Contracting has performed numerous large excavating jobs. “We’ve gone into rivers and removed hundreds of thousands of tons of gravel at one time,” Douglas explains. “All these waterway jobs had a very small window of time to do them in so it took a lot of planning and facilitating to get the jobs done on time and within budget. We even had to install fairly big bridges to do that kind of work.”

In the company’s logging sector, K and L Contracting is a “stump to dump” contractor, which means the company will not only cut the tree down, but it will also haul it to a desired location. “We cut it down, we log it, process it, yard it and then load it on the truck and bring it to where it has to go,” says Douglas. The full-service aspect of the logging division provides an advantage for K and L Contracting due to the convenience factor.

A strong and safe team

The talent of the K and L Contracting team also creates a competitive edge for the company. “I have some really skilled guys that work for me,” says Douglas. “We get a lot of rainfall around here therefore water management is really important. My team is experienced in working in wet ground as well as steep ground.”

With the dangers that are involved in the forestry industry as well as construction, the team at K and L Contracting always takes the proper steps to protect everyone involved in each job. The company’s safety record speaks for itself. Through its safety practices, K and L Contracting is approved ISNetworld, which is a safety compliance documentation database managed by ISN Software Corporation. Through safety audits conducted annually, ISN verifies contractors across many industries as safe and compliant in accordance with a variety of regulations.

“A lot of contractors and owners will seek us out after checking our status on ISNetworld and finding that we have a great safety record,” says Douglas. “Having a strong safety record is very important me. We have safety meetings once a week on every jobsite and a monthly meeting in which all the crews come together and we talk about safety issues and any administrative issues that need to be addressed.”

In conducting the services that the company provides, K and L Contracting self-performs 85 percent of the work. The subcontractors that the company hires are often a supplement to the in-house crews already on the job. “In addition to truck drivers we’ll hire extra processors as well as laborers,” says Douglas. “We’ve established a solid network of subs that we like to use regularly.”

While the company has been performing a fair amount of logging work recently, Douglas says that K and L Contracting is looking to balance the workflow by incorporating more right of way jobs such as clearing and road access. “We’re also looking at doing some more dirt work as well,” says Douglas. “That industry is pretty competitive right now but we have three rock trucks and some backhoes so we’re going to consider doing some more of that.”

As K and L Contracting progresses forward, the company will continue to expand on its well-rounded set of services.

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