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Jeanee Dudley
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Heidi Therrien

MGC Construction (MGC) is a subsidiary of Mission Group Enterprises (MGE), a family of companies headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia. MGE is the umbrella company for several regional businesses specializing in innovative development strategies for commercial and residential properties. The group includes realtors, contractors, developers and storage facilities for property with a special branch just for improving the experience of local boat owners. While each sub company has its own management, Corey Makus, president of MGC, works alongside Jonathan Friesen, CEO of MGE, who leads the overall organization.

“Our division was just formed a couple of years ago,” Makus explains. “We have several development arms within our parent group that we work with consistently. I found my way to MGC’s construction side as a project manager, but I come from an interesting background for this field. I started off in education and nonprofit work, but I fit in pretty well here. We are a growing business in construction and real estate development and we are building upon MGE’s strong reputation in British Columbia for quality and performance.”

A Strong Approach to Complex Projects

As a division of a large development firm, MGC specializes in multi-phased residential community construction and large-scale commercial building. The team of 25 includes a wide range of experienced construction managers, designers and customer care professionals who guarantee a positive client experience and a final product that exceeds expectations. MGC works closely with clients and subcontractors, building budgets and schedules ahead of time to share with all parties involved ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Because of the company’s leading practices, several organizations have recognized the team for outstanding work. “One of the projects we are most proud of is a recent rebuild of the Coast Capri Hotel in Kelowna,” Makus says. “There was a fire and we worked with them to get the hotel up and running again. We have also received recognition from the Canadian Home Builders Association for several projects. In 2011, we received the Gold Tommie for Home of the Year for our Sheerwater Private Residences.”

Additionally, the company received the Tommie Gold for Excellence in Semi-Detached or Townhome in 2009, and another for outstanding achievement in environmental consideration and energy for our Amberhill project. CHBA named us best large volume homebuilder in 2008, as well as the Mayor’s Award for Sustainable Development.

Maintaining a Market Share

The global economic downturn has put pressure on construction markets in North America, but despite the challenges MGC is doing well. “This industry is very competitive,” Makus explains. “However, we have remained steady. We also work closely with our community. We do nonprofit work with the local Hospice House here in Kelowna and we also do things with the local elementary schools to encourage physical fitness. There is really good synergy between our companies and the community as a whole.”

Relationships take precedence in MGC’s operations. Whether with clients, employees or subcontractors, a good rapport goes far. “We prefer a collaborative approach,” says Makus. “We have a great network and a huge trade database. We are also always staying ahead of technology, using the most efficient software and systems to help us with all of the moving parts. We stay connected and organized.”

MGC and its related companies continue to grow by reaching out to a growing network. The team has solid hometown ties, but travels all over the province to take on challenging, complex projects. When MGC does well, so does the community. New development projects are encouraging business growth in the region and offering incoming people safe, attractive and affordable places to live.

MGC approaches every project with a single, common objective: building something great. High levels of client satisfaction reflect the hard work and dedication to performance that MGC brings to every jobsite. After only one year, the company is making waves in the market, spurring growth and offering competitive services to community members who are growing, too.

The business will continue to grow, backed up by a solid parent company with years of experience in development. From high-end single-family homes to large commercial properties, the MGC team’s approach is the same. Makus is proud to note that he and his team are on the customers’ side throughout each project, pushing for a quality end-product that reflects the owner’s goals and needs. MGC Construction offers a unique set of services with an even more unique guarantee of quality and integrity.

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