MK Group of Companies

Drawing on combined experience and building on relationships
Written by: 
Molly Shaw
Produced by: 
John Carioti

With more than five decades of combined experience in all facets of the construction industry, MK Group of Companies (MK) delivers a range of projects from concept to completion with a client-minded approach. “We’re COR-certified, a distinction among contactors,” says Morris Kadylo, president of MK. “Our motto is COR-certified, client-minded.”

Since the first division of MK took off in 1977, the company as a whole has been working to foster repeat relationships, with subcontractors and clients alike. “You need relationships to be successful in construction, period,” assures Kadylo. “We use the same subcontractors regularly and we often work with familiar general contractors and construction managers. We have a great group of people here and a safe working environment and a bunch of satisfied customers as a result.”

Going strong in Alberta

From foundations to millwork, the companies of MK are rated among the top construction vendors in Alberta. Based in St. Albert, MK serves greater Edmonton, Fort McMurray and other parts of northern Alberta.

Being Alberta-based, in the heart of a thriving oil economy, Kadylo says business is booming for MK. “We currently have 115 employees and that number is growing,” he says. “We didn’t feel the effects of the recession; in fact, we’ve increased our revenues every year. We’re involved in some major projects currently and there’s more down the line.”

Divide and conquer

MK has teamed up to tackle nearly anything the busy, yet highly competitive Alberta-market throws through specialized divisions. “Between our five operating companies we can handle everything from high-rises to parkades and everything in between,” shares Kadylo.

The first of the pack is Shearwall Triforce (Shearwall), formed 37 years ago by Dominic Gullie. “I purchased Shearwall seven years ago,” recounts Kadylo. “We’re proud to take it from 30 years to 37 and the company has helped build a majority of the high-rises in downtown Edmonton. Shearwall is the platform that really launched MK.”

Today, Shearwall offers piling, excavation and shoring, formwork, reinforcing steel, concrete supply, pumping, placing and finishing of high and mid-rise superstructures and institutional facilities. Also under MK, is Shear-Flor Finishing (Shear-Flor), an industry leader in concrete supply, pumping, placing and any concrete related superstructure service.

“Our other divisions are ACS Framing, supporting the single and multifamily residential and commercial markets with wood framing,” notes Kadylo. “All Construction Solutions performs light general contracting work, everything from home renovations to building churches. Another division, Westmount Glazing, delivers glass and aluminum curtain walls.”

The most recent addition to MK’s extensive company line up is GeoFormWork (GeoForm). “We do almost everything in-house,” says Kadylo. “We regularly work with our concrete supplier, Alliance Ready Mix, and reinforcing steel contractors, such as Harris Rebar and McNish, but to add to our lineup we recently purchased GeoForm.”

Landmark projects

The acquisition has helped MK land the major Walterdale Bridge, an eye-catching project, according to Kadylo. After serving Edmonton for more than a century, Walterdale is nearing the end of its service life and needs major replacement.

The major throughway spans the North Saskatchewan River to connect the intersection of the Queen Elizabeth Park Road and Walterdale Hill on the river’s south side to the River Valley Road intersection on the north side. Preliminary engineering and design is complete and construction of the replacement began in June 2013 and will continue through 2015.

Another key development for MK is the Glenora Skyline high-rise luxury condos. Situated in the heart of the historic Glenora community, the high-profile Glenora Skyline consists of 270 dwellings occupying three high-rise residential towers combined with mixed-use commercial and office space. Glenora Skyline offers the convenience of urban living with the character and charm of a historic community.

MK is also a player in one of the largest commercial developments in south Edmonton. “We’re working on the first of five new commercial buildings coming into the area,” says Kadylo. “MK’s divisions are teaming up with Qualico and Maple Reinders in this development.”

For MK, there’s certainly no shortage of work in sight in the busy Alberta market. “I could go on and on about our projects,” says Kadylo. “There’s a good dozen in the works now and another 20 potential project sites coming down the line. We have recently made acquisitions and we’ll be making more and continuing to grow.”

Divide and conquer – that’s the strategy that’s helped MK rise to the top. With the combined experience and in-house expertise of not one, but five divisions, MK Group of Companies is dominating in all construction avenues.