New Concept Quality Doors Ltd.

Setting standards of quality and innovation for residential entry doors
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
Produced by: 
Sean Barr

It is uncommon for a business to rise to the top of the market within two years of opening its doors – but not impossible. New Concept Quality Doors Ltd., based in Vaughan, Ontario, did just that by leveraging longstanding relationships, quality products and experience to build a leading door assembly and distribution powerhouse.

New Concept serves a customer base throughout North America. The company’s value-added complete doors are available through lumberyard retailers in Canada and the United States, including major names such as Home Hardware, Timber Mart, Castle, ILDC, Sexton and Rona in Canada, as well as Sutherlands, ENAP, PAL, Do it Best, Orgil and 84 Lumber in the United States. New Concept is also the supplier of choice for North Star and also has started a connection with one of the largest online home improvement businesses in Canada. The business assembles a complete range of quality doors in a range of styles.

 A storied history

Adam Jiang and his business partners established New Concept in 2013, although the company’s roots date back more than 30 years. Adam owns and operates several businesses – most of them smaller than New Concept – including Door Components Canada (DCC). A sister company of New Concept, DCC has been in business since 2011 and – as its name suggests – is a supplier of door components for door assemblers and manufacturers.

DCC is the largest residential entrance door component distributor in Canada, a feat achieved after its third year. The company supplies 500 pre-hanger companies coast-to-coast in Canada, including New Concept. “Our innovation sets us apart from our competitors,” says Adam. “We have a unique business model. This is a one-stop shop for a complete line of components.”

The component operation works with over 140 suppliers, 90 percent from North America. The inventory includes thousands of SKUs and products as small as screws or staples and materials such as caulking all the way up to 8-foot door slabs and frames. Instead of sourcing from one of more than 140 suppliers, pre-hangers and manufacturers can source it all from one place. DCC also offers value-added solutions and services that have made the company a hub for the industry.

“We have a big warehouse where we hold the inventory all the time, which is very convenient,” says Adam. “If a customer wants to order a door slab from Masonite – the largest door panel manufacturer in the world; we are their largest distributor and also their largest customer in Canada.”

Absorbing an abandoned market

In January 2013, MDL – the country’s second largest door assembly and distribution business – suffered a fire. The owner, ready to retire, decided to shutter the doors of the business. Adam saw a great opportunity and began assembling his team. He put most of MDL’s former employees back to work, even without a place to work. For the first few weeks, employees assembled doors in a production team member’s garage. Soon, the company had built a backlog and New Concept was in business.

With support from sister company DCC, New Concept grew significantly in its first year of production. The business now has relationships with many of MDL’s former clients and is expanding its market reach. With access to a wide range of materials, hardware and accessories, the company is building high quality doors destined for homes across North America.

The deep pocket for resources is not the only thing differentiating the business from competitors. Many of New Concept’s employees have been building doors with pride and attention to detail for decades. The sales staff is knowledgeable and helpful, treating customers as valued partners – not just order numbers.

New Concept is slated to grow significantly over the coming years. Adam predicts a steep upswing in the company’s revenue by the end of the fiscal year, which will allow New Concept to continue improving facilities, technology and processes that keep customers coming back.

With a focus on sustainable growth, quality and service, New Concept Quality Doors Ltd. will continue to stand as a leader in the North American door market.

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