Oilsands Expediting Ltd: Succeeding with Teamwork, Professionalism and Integrity

Oilsands Expediting Ltd. (Oilsands Expediting) understands that stakes are high when supplying the mining and oil sands industries, which is why the business has made a point of never turning down a client’s request. The company specializes in heavy equipment hauling and the team’s one-call-does-it-all approach ensures clients can turn to Oilsands Expediting at any hour of the day, week, month and year. Above all, Oilsands Expediting prides itself on outperforming the competition with the help of 28 highly skilled employees and a corporate culture that puts the client’s best interest front and center.

Oilsands Expediting headquarters are conveniently located in Fort McMurray, Alberta, making it possible to reach clients across the Athabasca Oil Sands and into the Wood Buffalo area along the border with Northwest Territories. “We started as a very small company in 2004, but I’ve lived here for 31 years,” admits Ambrose Rumbolt, president and owner of Oilsands Expediting. Rumbolt is just one of many team members at the company with a longstanding history in the local area, which allows Oilsands Expediting to strategize the best approach with on-the-ground perspective.

“We’ll move anything from an envelope to a Caterpillar D11 bulldozer and we do it all ourselves,” asserts Rumbolt. The company’s primary specialty is hauling heavy mining equipment, especially heavy haul trucks, dozers and large backhoes and mining shovels. Oilsands Expediting provides everything from general freight transportation services to moving heavy machinery long distances and into remote areas. In one case, the Oilsands Expediting team was asked to haul rebuild equipment from Red Deer, Alberta, all the way to clients in the remote Athabasca oil sands region, which the team was able to complete without incident.

The company maintains a diverse fleet of vehicles to ensure the most efficient transportation arrangement possible, given the client’s specific needs. In total, Oilsands Expediting’s fleet includes cube vans, pickers, tilt-decks and tractor trailers equipped with flat decks, high beds, roller beds and dry beds to name a few, which are all operated by professionally trained and experienced drivers. Clients can rest assured that the Oilsands Expediting team is only a phone call away since the company makes sure to keep phone lines open at all hours to lend a hand when surprises pop up. This flexibility has garnered the company a loyal client following in both public and private sectors.

Thinking Long-term

At the same time, Rumbolt understands that every client relationship is built on trust, and it is the Oilsands Expediting team’s shared responsibility to maintain that trust with a high level of transparency and a comprehensive safety program. The company espouses the idea that safety training is a work always in progress and the team continually tweaks its safety policy to address specific client concerns and working conditions. Individual job risk analyses are completed before the start of every project along with a safe work practices refresher course to kick off the start of work.

Crews are expected to inspect every piece of equipment and tool employed both before and after use as defective tools and improperly maintained equipment can pose a serious threat to the health and safety not just of the operator, but also to others working on site. Every Oilsands Expediting employee is required to adhere to the company’s personal protection equipment (PPE) policy where inadequate or damaged PPE items are immediately removed from service and replaced with fully functional units. The company insists that every employee, crewmember, guest or visitor to a work site comply with the company’s safety dress code and local and federal regulations, so hardhats, long trousers, long sleeves and protective footwear are the name of the game.

Setting the Tone

The company’s team work ethic ensures that every employee understands that a safe workplace is the product of complete participation. To actually achieve that, though, Oilsands Expediting relies on its combined 100 years of experience in the industry. The company’s history ensures tenured employees set the tone for newcomers both in upholding strict safety standards and the company’s internal standards of competence, integrity and professionalism across the board.

The recent economic downturn didn’t have quite as big of an impact on Oilsands Expediting as it did elsewhere; in fact, the company’s larger looming challenge in recent years has been sourcing enough qualified professionals to keep up with demand. “There’s always a shortage of labor, but getting employees to stay isn’t hard,” adds Rumbolt. “It’s about treating people well and paying them accordingly so you can build a company they enjoy working for.”

The company’s focus on employment is only likely to increase in the next few years as the Athabasca Oil Sand Region ramps up production and demand for expediting services increases simultaneously. “Things are definitely picking up and I think we could definitely grow another 30 percent over the next 10 years,” admits Rumbolt. Wherever the team looks to for the next opportunity, though, the company’s longstanding history of never saying “no,” and ingrained teamwork ethic will ensure clients continue to turn to Oilsands Expediting Ltd.