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Jeanee Dudley
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Sean Barr

Premier Siding and Window Sales (Premier) is a growing exterior supplier and installer based in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Gord Andrews, owner and president of Premier, purchased the company in 2011 after successfully operating a similar business for six years prior. “Premier was my main competitor,” he explains. “It was definitely the market leader in this area and when the owner decided to sell, I merged the two businesses and kept the Premier name.”

Today Premier serves mostly residential clients, as well as a handful of commercial clients along the west coast of Newfoundland. Since the merger, Andrews has maintained a hands-on approach, working carefully to improve facilities and operations. “We renovated the showroom quite intensely,” he elaborates. “When we came in, everything was outdated. We put in new displays and brought in new products to make up for a lack of diversity. The previous owners had vinyl siding and maybe a bit of wood, but we’re into many different types. We are still in the same building. We are renovating the exterior this year and the last two years we were renovating the interior.”

The Premier Difference

However, Andrews recognizes that success does not automatically come with a facility facelift. “Personal customer service sets us apart from other exteriors businesses,” he explains. “We make sure everything is detailed as much as possible, give customers detailed contracts of exactly what will happen, and follow up to make sure that it happens. There is definitely competition in the area; however, we feel we are leading the market.” The company’s new showroom and website are designed to improve each customer’s experience, too.

In both the design center and online, Premier sets up displays and products to help clients imagine what the finished product would look like. “We aren’t just selling windows, doors and siding,” Andrews notes. “We are creating curb appeal. We offer different accessories, colors, finishes and systems instead of just a product off the shelf. We have taken a niche where we specialize in different options. The houses we renovate stand out from the others on the block.”

A large, diverse inventory helps the team develop whole-new-look makeovers for customers. “We have started selling more wood products and more stone products to complement siding,” he says. “We are concentrating on accessories. Instead of just steel doors we offer fiberglass and stained fiberglass that looks like wood. We are changing the shape of the market with these products. We’re using a new wood product called Revolution wood siding. Instead of being face nailed, we staple it on like a tongue and groove connection. There are no face nails on this product. Our installers staple in on angle and the next piece of wood covers the area where the staple is.”

That is not all that the team at Premier offers. “We also have a newer line of full PVC siding, Celect, which is a really nice product,” Andrews continues. “It is definitely a little higher end, but it lasts a long time. With wood, we end up doing a lot of PVC trim instead of wood corners. With wood, the siding holds up well, but the trim and material around windows deteriorates faster.”

Maintaining Growth

Purchasing a company in the midst of a recession may sound like a scary idea, and Andrews was nervous at first. “We have definitely had challenges, but this business had a majority market share,” he explains. “It would have taken us 10 years from our previous size to get where we are if we hadn’t merged.”

Therefore, Andrews changed it up a bit. “We have embraced a more hands-on aspect,” he explains. “The customer wants to see that, so it works well for us. We have created a WOW-factor showroom that gives customers ideas. When we took over in 2011, we rebranded with a new logo, we launched a major marketing campaign to get our brand out there, push products and show people that there has been a change in business.”

The team has also been working on opening easy lines of communication with customers. “One of biggest changes is an electronic post office system that helps us out a lot,” Andrews details. “We use Drop Box software for all staff and no servers. We can get our customers’ files right from our smart phones. We have lots of team members on several small jobs and we know exactly where we are every day on every project. We take pictures on-site, so if we have a customer who is out in Alberta but comes to this house in the summertime, we can show them our progress. Even if they are not familiar with the Drop Box software, it is easy enough for anybody with a computer to use.”

The Premier team is utilizing technology to innovate the exteriors business. In addition, the crew builds lasting relationships with clients by providing quality products and service, all while keeping each homeowner in the loop. As the brand continues to develop, Premier Siding and Window Sales is maintaining a strong position as the industry leader in Western Newfoundland.

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