Titan Logix Corp.

Manufacturing advanced technology fluid management solutions
Written by: 
Ivy Carter
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Victor Martins

Titan Logix Corp. (Titan) has been in business since 1979, when the company began operating as mining resource development company Titan Pacific Resources. Through the late 1980s, the business built electrical infrastructure for mining operations. As the market shifted, the team identified significant opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Through a series of acquisitions, Titan added resources and expanded capabilities to offer a strong line of sensors and controls to the oil and gas markets.

Greg McGillis, president and CEO of Titan, joined the company in 1992. He worked for the company in sales for eight years before taking on a managerial role. McGillis became the company’s vice president of engineering and product development in 2005, the vice president of operations and business development in 2008 and took on the role of CEO in 2011.

McGillis’ experience in product development, engineering and marketing has allowed him to play integral roles in the business and understand the company from several perspectives. He employs approximately 60 people working between three locations in Edmonton, Alberta; Lampman, Saskatchewan; and Overland Park, Kansas.

Titan Logix Corp.

Safe, effective controls

The core of Titan lies within a product line of advanced technology fluid management solutions that address traditional risks within the oil and gas industry. The business currently offers mobile and stationary tank gauges, monitors and accessories. Ultimately the team strives to contribute to complete asset management solutions for customers.

End-users for these products are typically handling hazardous fluids, whether in storage or transportation. Until Titan came along, a common practice in these markets was to measure and control materials manually. As concerns for employee and community health and safety arise, environmental impacts gain value across communities and the value of oil and gas, as well as other fluids, increases, Titan’s automated sensors and controls provide a safe, efficient option for clients.

Titan’s tag line references the company’s innovative monitoring and control components that allow customers to efficiently manage assets in a variety of tanks and vessels: ‘Advanced technology fluid management solutions in the field, on the road and in the office.’

These products include safety features, such as alarm controls, which in the case of a low or high fluid level, alert users or shut down a loading or unloading process. Currently, the company’s most notable solution, the TD80, has the leading market share in North American installations in mobile tankers and trailers for the oil and gas industry.

New developments

One of Titan’s newest products is an innovative asset management solution for the loading, unloading, inventory management and product identification of refined fuels. The product will be available mid-2015 for mobile applications, installed in tankers and trailers to provide local and remote, wireless communication to the cloud, monitoring capabilities to drivers while on the road, from pick-up to delivery. It is designed for markets that currently rely on manual/lower tech tools and methods to manage fuel movement processes.

Titan’s solution will help companies more effectively manage fuel inventory while improving the safety of staff, consistency of fuels and reduce costly and hazardous cross-contamination risks, as fuel is transported from the refinery to the gas station. Titan perceives that the refined fuel transportation market is positioned to embrace its new solution like the crude oil transportation market did, which led to Titan’s great success.

The company’s new product will provide a complete overview of fluid levels and integrity. The multi-sensor patent pending gauging system is able to distinguish between fluid types, such as gas or diesel. The product indicates the fuel volume, temperature, density and color, sending real-time information to the dispatcher throughout a trip. It is ATEX-approved and offers fast installation and display information at eye-level to ensure driver safety.

 “We see a vibrant market in fleet fuelers and fuel transport,” McGillis explains.  “The advanced principles of this product line are unlike anything else on the market.”

The new product has a promising future as a leading product for the Titan brand and represents the innovative nature of the business. McGillis and his team, including through strategic partnerships, continue to research and develop new products to add to the company’s market offerings.

Future growth

McGillis plans to continue on a trend of growth and development, and emphasizes the importance of the support from Titan’s suppliers, whose ability to meet the demands of a growing company like Titan is an important part of the anticipated success.

Over the coming years, McGillis plans to expand the business’ market reach into new sectors within Titan’s advanced technology fluid management mission. “There are additional markets for us to explore,” he explains. “We continue to develop our product line, creating effective solutions for asset management, including both mobile and stationary applications, as well as wireless back office software to accommodate our solutions. We see our solutions playing an important role in the Internet of Things [IOT] from an industrial fluid management perspective.”

As the business grows, Titan’s value will increase. McGillis emphasizes a responsibility to shareholders, and wants to move in the proper trajectory in order to reward its important partners for support. “Our success hinges on two things: great products and great customer support,” McGillis explains. “New products, ongoing research and development and possible expansion opportunities will help us achieve the growth that will keep us moving in the right direction.”

With dependable quality, integrity and service, the Titan Logix Corp. team continues to make strides in the challenging oil and gas market.

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