Universal Structural Restoration Ltd.: Restoring Buildings and Forging Business Relationships

Universal Structural Restoration Ltd. (USRL) embodies a strong commitment to quality and excellence of workmanship, this being its foundation for client’s structural and building restoration needs. Moisture infiltration in high rises can cause serious obstacles for condominium owners, property managers and residents alike. If left to their own devices, the moisture can cause not only cosmetic damage, but can also pose a serious threat to the structural integrity and inhabitability of a building. This leaves residents at risk for mould contamination and other microbes that flourish in moist environments. USRL’s 15 years in the business combined with its 60 skilled employees enhances the company’s commitment to helping property managers and residents avoid complications. This prevention stops moisture infiltration in its tracks and restores damaged areas to ensure a building’s survival for decades.

“I started this company in 1996 to focus on the structural restoration of high rise buildings,” explains Elio Leal, president and CEO of USRL. With three decades of experience under his belt, Leal asserts that the knowledge to restore a high rise building’s structural integrity resides in a contractor’s understanding of the unusual requirements of structural design. “I’ve been in the industry for 33 years and I understand how things get done and how to work in a condominium. It’s not even just about experience in the industry, it’s about experience being on the job and being on site and actually knowing how to get things done properly.”

A Complete Portfolio of Services

The company operates out of a single office in Concord, Ontario, for residential high rise buildings peppered across the Greater Toronto Area. USRL prides itself on reviving buildings from the afterlife. The company offers complete turnkey structural repair and restoration services spanning from mould abatement to chemical injection repair and through-slab repairs. On top of it all, the company offers services standard with a guarantee of satisfaction and code compliance. “We have a lot of experience working with condominium owners and we know what they look for in a contractor,” says Leal. “We insist on offering a guarantee on the work we do because it’s a tricky business and we want to stand behind our work.”

USRL offers preventative maintenance services and smaller reconstruction services to help property managers ensure the safety of their property and improve smaller aspects along the way. From balcony restoration to window replacement and ramp reconstruction, USRL strives to meet the needs of customers who would often require contracting work with multiple companies. This avoids increasing costs and the potential for confusion. “We work to provide our clients with the best value,” asserts Leal. “It’s why we insist on staffing our company with experts in the field, and our clients appreciate that they can come to us for a wide variety of services.”

With contracts spanning the Toronto area, Leal brings an infectious enthusiasm for his work. “I love every project we do and I have been working in the industry for more than 30 years,” proclaims Leal. “Every project is interesting because every project comes with different challenges. If a building needs waterproofing, you have to study the building to determine which products will best suite the building. And every building has a different style and need. We have a great interest in the work we do and our suppliers and subcontractors appreciate us for that.”

Giving Back

This year marks the company’s sixteen year anniversary, but Leal doesn’t plan to celebrate in any way that the company hasn’t already. “We celebrate our anniversary every year,” admits Leal. “I just want my employees to be happy and to feel like they have a part in this business.”

Leal, aside from giving back to his employees, is a strong advocate for supporting the local community. As a member of the Building and Concrete Restoration Association of Ontario, the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario and the Portuguese Canadian Business & Professionals, USRL strives to help foster dialogue and debate within the professional industry. In addition, the company recently sponsored a graduate student through the Federation of Portuguese-Canadian Business & Professionals (FPCBP) as an investment in the local business potential. The FPCBP is notably the largest and oldest scholarship program in the Portuguese community.

Leal doesn’t expect to grow much larger than the company’s current size and hopes merely to see the economy continue to flourish. “I really don’t want to grow this business anymore. I think we are a good size for our industry,” admits Leal. “I do love the way the economy is looking, though. I think that especially with the Prime Minister being reelected, this area will continue to grow and it’s an exciting time for our industry.”

USRL is generously staffed with experts in concrete forming, waterproofing, bricklaying, structural repairs and more. With his team of dedicated employees, Leal is sure to steer Universal Structural Restoration Ltd. effortlessly through its next 15 years.