Wilsons Security: The Full-service Facility-comfort Company

Wilsons Security (Wilsons) is a division of a 100-year-old fuel company based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Wilson Fuel Co. Limited, the parent company, began as a company providing supplies to the buildings being erected in Nova Scotia around the turn of the 20th century, and strategically diversifying over the decades the company has grown into home heating, gas stop and security systems divisions. Now a company that employs 750 overall, Wilson Fuel Co. Limited is in the hands of executives whose guidance has established the company as a platinum member of “Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.”

“We’re family-owned and privately held,” says David Wilson, current president of Wilsons Security. “The company got started by selling coal in central Nova Scotia and evolved into selling heating oil, propane and gasoline.” The petroleum distribution division has gas stations situated throughout Atlantic Canada, and the focus of the parent company’s business has always been in expanding services to meet customers’ needs. As for Wilsons’ security solutions, they are dedicated to helping keep families, homes and businesses safe and secure.

The security division, which only employs 10 but benefits from an expansive organization with eight generations of industry knowledge behind it, acquired Sure Safe Security in 2010 to offer high-quality security services and installations throughout the Maritimes. The business operates out of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, providing service to commercial and residential clients. As Wilsons grows, David says, “We want to give our customers the same quality service of a small, local business.”

Full Coverage

The team at Wilsons is dedicated to providing customers with well-communicated support from start to finish. The sales staff walks clients through the options, helping families and business owners choose a system that suits their buildings and their security needs. Friendly, professional technicians are ready and willing to answer to any questions or concerns that come up during the installation process. Every installation is quality-assured to protect the homes and facilities of clients, and the team at Wilsons has decades of experience in the security business.

The company’s role in security does not end at installation. Wilsons monitors all of its systems, from burglary to mechanical-electrical-plumbing (MEP). “In home installations there tends to be more emphasis on intrusion protection,” says David. “But the whole home needs to be monitored, not just burglary-protected.” To address all ways in which a building might be compromised, Wilsons’ systems can detect low temperature, fuel leaks, flooding, fires and pipe failure, among other sensors.

Wilsons offers the industry’s most high-tech, integrated systems, providing security, home automation and emergency response. Clients can choose to have alerts sent to various communication devices via telephone, text message and email. Through supplier and partner Honeywell International Inc., Wilsons now offers the Total Connect program, a system that allows users to program security alerts for everything from a liquor cabinet breach to a child’s arrival home from school. Included in the package is a web-enabled video system, allowing homeowners to check out exactly what is going on in the house from anywhere with an Internet connection. Commercially, Wilsons can provide solutions for access control, video surveillance and assets protection, as well as employee safety solutions, and connected to real-time, third-party monitoring.

Wilsons’ primarily deals in Honeywell technology, but also offers other industry-leading security technologies such as DSC and Paradox. The company is a certified Honeywell dealer, and makes choosing a system easy. After installation, if a client chooses to amplify security in a home or business, Wilsons can add additional features and services without a complete reinstall. Technicians and service assistants are available to help new security systems owners learn how to use systems, set codes and set alarms.

The company offers routine maintenance and 24-hour support to all of its security clients, as it has to its heating and fuel customers for decades. Wilsons allows customers to access digital PDF versions of owner manuals online, just in case the original gets lost. Monitoring systems include daily security system tests and a fully logged account of openings and closings.

Giving Back

The Wilsons team put people first, including customers and the community. The Wilson family has made several community contributions over generations of business, and in 2011 David’s uncle, David Wilson and his mother Rose received the Red Cross Humanitarian Award for their service. The Wilson Fuel Family Scholarship was established in 2009 and awards university and college scholarships to employees and their family members.

Wilsons embodies a strong dedication to customer service, and maintains a pledge to offer the best products, services and training to system owners. The focus is on keeping customers and their property safe through offering friendly, helpful support and feedback. The company encourages long-term customers to participate in a loyalty program, which offers rewards and incentives for repeat business. “We want to bring our customers the best value on the market and thank them for doing business with us,” says David. Wilsons Security succeeds in customer service above all, and that is what keeps clients coming back for more.