Gagan Foods International Ltd.

A Unique Foods Distributor in Western Canada
Written by: 
Jeanee Dudley
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Christian Davis

Gagan Foods International Ltd. (Gagan) was founded in 1991 as a dealer of imported carpets and woven rugs from India to the western Canada market by Paul and Ruby Arora. “We began as Weavers Canada,” explains Paul, president of Gagan. “We started moving into food distribution and eventually established core strength in this line of business. By 2010, we had captured 60 percent of the market.” Gagan is now one of the largest grocery distributors in the country, offering a wide range of products to independent retailers and major chains alike.

“We are in the food business,” Paul explains. “We are a major importer and seller of foods from across the globe. We have a full range of products and we act as a one-stop shop for many businesses. We are the exclusive suppliers for certain imported items.”

The Gagan team has built a lasting reputation for quality and diversity, providing more than 3,000 different food and kitchenware products to clients across the country. “One of our main goals is to bring exciting ethnic food to people who have never tried it before,” Paul continues. “We focus on retail and have a growing presence in food service.” Additionally, Paul was awarded the 2013 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee award, enhancing the company’s reputation for unique, quality food.

Unique Cuisine

Gagan has taken on the role as the region’s sole importer for Indian, Pakistani and Southeast Asian foods, as the business connects clients to major brands such as Dabur, Natco, Shan, Ashoka, Surati, MDH,Vadilal and Kissan. Gagan employs high levels of food safety to ensure a quality product. The team also adds to customer experience with leading support and expertise in culinary trends and ethnic food in general. The inventory includes everything a customer might need to make a tasty meal, including rice, lentils, sauces, spices, sides, meats and even fully premade meals for the freezer.

The company’s food products include rice, lentils, flour and sweets among other goodies, as Gagan also has its own line of foods and spices under the Gagan brand. The brand is registered with the National Herbal Products Directorate with license to distribute a range of unique foods. Gagan has become a leading spice brand in the country’s culinary market, as its products are popular in home and restaurant kitchens across the region.

Maintaining a Market Share

While fluctuating economies across the globe have presented challenges for many industries, Paul says his business has continued to operate without major obstacles over the last few years. “The food business is never-ending,” he explains. “We have ups and downs, but people have to eat. Our business is a stable one. As one of the largest distributors in the industry, we don’t have much competition. We are always planning ahead to manage our business for the future, but things have been smooth here.”

Gagan caters to more than 300 retailers across the region, including the major restaurants, banquet halls and caterers in lower mainland British Columbia. Additionally, the business maintains several very large clients such as Loblaws, Overwaitea Food Group and Wal-Mart.

Gagan continues to grow and Paul’s team is reaching further into the food service industry in order to expand the business horizontally. The company offers unmatched quality in spices for discerning chefs and caterers alike. The team’s work has been lauded repeatedly by several organizations, including the Ethno Business Council of British Columbia, which awarded Gagan the British Columbia Ethno Award in 2006. The business also focuses on giving back to the community. Gagan has contributed several large donations to the British Columbia Children’s Hospital and participates in several cultural celebrations and festivals.

Paul and his crew will continue to push the boundaries of unique international cuisine with an ever-changing assortment of ethnic foods. “We are bringing in new products all the time,” he explains. “I am always looking ahead to the future. We want to offer the best products to our clients while filling a growing demand. For one person, I think that is more than enough.” Gagan Foods International Ltd. will continue to push for growth, adding new and exciting ingredients to a growing line of ethnic foods for clients all over the region.

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