APG-Neuros Inc.

Innovation drives efficiency in the waste water treatment market
Written by: 
Matt Dodge
Produced by: 
Ryan Fecteau

Founded in 2005, APG-Neuros Inc. has already revolutionized the turbo blower industry over the last decade.

Drawing on a professional background in aviation and aerospace technology, Omar Hammoud developed a high-efficiency turbo blower for waste water treatment plants has taken the market by storm and led to a period of unprecedented growth at the company.

APG-Neuros’ flagship product allows waste water treatment plants to speed up the metabolic processes used to break down waste by injecting more oxygen into the mix. While it’s primarily used at wastewater treatment facilities, the turbo blower also has applications in the oil, gas and mining industries.

APG-Neuros Inc.

The breakthrough technology allows customers to reduce their power consumption by as much as 30 to 40 percent and stands one-fifth the size of similar turbo blower units.

Today an expanded product line and increased global presence are helping to drive growth at the Blainville, Quebec-based company, where sales have jumped from $28 million in 2013 to almost $40 million just two years later.

Managing record growth

Hammoud, APG-Neuros president and CEO, credits this growth to an increased presence in major metropolitan areas like New York City, Washington, D.C. and Vancouver. Increased sales have led to a massive hiring spree at APG-Neuros that has seen the company double the size of both its sales force and service team.

APG-Neuros’ Canadian headquarters and manufacturing facility is complemented by a manufacturing and testing facility in Plattsburgh, New York, which the company recently purchased outright in a bid to save money and make future modifications.

Following the 2016 addition of a U.K. sales office, APG-Neuros has developed a loyal customer base in the British Isles. Now APG-Neuros is looking to cement its status in the U.K. through the acquisition of a UK-based waste water treatment automation technology company.

“We’ve also hired a sales team from the Middle East and have started extensively pursuing the emerging markets for wastewater treatment in the Middle East,” says Omar Hammoud.

APG-Neuros recently won the 2016 Best Product Technology Manufacturer award by Corporate Vision Magazine and celebrated a major company milestone, installing its 1,000th turbo blower for the City of South San Francisco-San Bruno Water Quality Control Plant in mid-June. The company also held a celebration for its employees in Plattsburgh, celebrating the hard work and commitment to quality that the historic sale represented.

“The operations team at the city of South San Francisco are very pleased with the innovative product and support we received over the past four years from APG-Neuros,” said Mr. Brian Schumacker, the Plant Superintendent for the South San Francisco-San Bruno Water Quality Control Plant.

Hammoud credits the company’s success, in part, to repeat customers, including major names in the industry that have validated Hammoud’s innovative approach through their continued patronage.

APG-Neuros delivered its fourth high-efficiency turbo blower to major personal care products corporation Kimberly-Clark, which Hammoud cites as one of his proudest moments to date. “It’s a measure of confidence because they’re a large industrial company that is very sensitive to reliability and cost,” he says.

The company is currently working on a number of refinements to its turbo blower technology that will allow customers to gain an even larger return on their investment. One of these innovations is a smart-connected turbo blower which APG-Neuros can remotely monitor from its headquarters.

“You can see real-time operation and make improvements from our service teams’ desks,” says Hammoud. “That really impressed our customers and put us at the front of the industry capabilities.”

Hire, train, prune

Hammoud is particularly proud of the strong reputation the company has been able to build over a relatively short period. One need look no further than Google to get an idea of APG-Neuro’s primacy in the industry, where the company regularly appears at the top of the search result for the term turbo blower.

“That gives us recognition all over the world as customers from New Zealand, China and India are all seeing our products as their first choice. It’s an indication of our brand success so we watch that very carefully,” he says.

Building such a reputation isn’t as easy as simply having the best product on the market, according to Hammoud. “You have to work hard on many things, like continuing to offer small steps of innovations and major break through designs as well as providing excellent customer service and maintaining a very capable and responsive staff,” he says. “You’ve got to hire, train prune and make sure the staff knows how significant it is that they take care of customer’s issues.”

Citing qualified labor as one of the most prevalent issues facing the manufacturing industry, Hammoud has made a concerted effort to attract the next generation of workers to the company.

“They are a different breed, you know. They like freedom – they do not like the structure that boomers enjoyed,” he says. “They also like to engage with sports so we provide pong tables, basketball courts, exercise facilities, nutritionists and personal trainers.”

While this has led to something of a culture shift at the company, it’s also allowed APG-Neuros to keep up with the changing face of the company’s customer base. “The customers are also getting younger and more diversified, so we are making our team reflect the customer base,” says Hammoud.

With new, improved products and an expanded presence across North America and U.K., APG-Neuros has cemented its reputation as one of the world’s premier producers of turbo blowers.