Tyco Integrated Fire & Security (Tyco IFS)

A leader in global fire safety and security solutions
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Jeanee Dudley
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Ian Nichols

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security (Tyco IFS) has long served as a valued safety and security partner for commercial and industrial clients across Canada. As part of global enterprise, Tyco International, based on Cork, Ireland, Tyco IFS has more than 100 years of expertise serving the fire protection and security needs of customers. Tyco IFS is the combined business of Tyco SimplexGrinnell and Tyco Integrated Security in Canada. The amalgamation became official in March 2015. “Our combined strengths mean customers have access to a single resource dedicated to meeting their fire protection, security and life-safety needs,” says Tracy Long, president of Tyco IFS.

Tyco Integrated Fire & Security (Tyco IFS)

Since the enterprise entered the Canadian market, it has grown to become a national leader in designing, selling, installing, servicing and maintaining comprehensive fire protection, security and life-safety solutions for businesses and large enterprises. “We know an organization can’t run at its best if their people, assets, operations and facilities are vulnerable to harm. We help protect our customers from the safety and security risks that can disrupt productivity and threaten their success,” says Long. “Our 2,000 employees, across 35 local offices, help protect over 140,000 Canadian businesses.”

Standing apart with integrated solutions

Tyco IFS’s primary focus as a company is to provide fire protection and security solutions to businesses across Canada. “We work with companies of all sizes and across all verticals,” says Long. “Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise customer, we have solutions that can be tailored to meet their unique needs. We also support many large national account customers with our multiple locations across the country.”

The company’s distinct longevity offers myriad benefits: because of the firm’s size, support and expertise, Tyco IFS has the ability to provide end-to-end comprehensive fire and security solutions and services to customers in Canada. As part of Tyco International, Tyco IFS has direct access to the parent company’s internationally recognized and industry-leading brands, including:  SoftwareHouse for Access control, DSC for Intrusion and Exacq Technologies and American Dynamics for Video, Ansul for suppression products and Simplex for fire alarm panels.

A whole-solution approach has long been the hallmark of Tyco, both as an international parent corporation and in its national service and installation counterparts. The brand develops state-of-the-art technology in-house with applications that affect every component of its branches. National arms of the company, such as Tyco IFS, implement this technology in the field, installing systems and integrating software and practice solutions in ways that make sense and improve efficiencies for end users. Layered, custom-fit solutions keep customers’ property safe, secure and efficient.

“I have had the opportunity to personally go and see so many interesting projects since I have been in my role,” notes Long, referring to the wide reach of her team’s products and projects. “We protect museums, airports, hospitals and mines, each with a different set of needs. I won’t get into specifics for security and confidentiality reasons but my favorite projects are the unique ones — the ones that involve us developing a solution using our portfolio of products that involves a form of complex integration or introduces a new managed solution that we bring to market to help our customers.”

Continued innovation

With a portfolio full of customized safety and security products, Tyco has established a reputation for innovation. Tyco  covers the full gamut of protection, ranging from fire and smoke detection and response to access management and even nurse call solutions for patients in health care facilities.

While Long remarks that all projects present unique challenges and rewards, she particularly enjoys seeing in-house innovations take shape. A recent introduction, Tyco On, is the brand’s answer to the growing “Internet of Things.”

“Technology and innovation are in Tyco’s DNA,” Long explains. “The company was founded by scientists as a research laboratory and our businesses have a strong record of being first to market with important safety and security innovations. That tradition is alive and well with the launch of Tyco On, the new integrated data and smart services platform.”

Tyco On provides software-enabled Internet of Things capabilities that enhance safety and security systems by using open standards to connect a wide range of intelligent devices, systems and services, enabling customers to improve their operations.

The development combines Tyco’s deep expertise in systems integration and services with an installed base of more than 1 billion sensors, tags, devices and systems around the world. “Tyco On unlocks the value of this data with the power of analytics to deliver a range of smart services that lead to better decisions, faster execution and improved performance for customers in a range of vertical markets,” Long summarizes.

Tyco On enables the business to meet the varying challenges customers face in managing and optimizing related systems. Building performance is of increasing value to companies with significant fire, security, HVAC and lighting equipment. Tyco On allows these customers to access a network of systems and sensors and creates points within components that allow users to unlock analytics that help improve operations.

Tyco’s distinct software offering connects any sensor within a device, system or software with a “digital heartbeat,” even equipment and systems that fall out of the range of Tyco’s specialty areas. Put into context, Tyco On allows users to make better decisions and transform the performance of their buildings.

While Tyco On is one of the latest developments from the brand, this solution has been in use throughout Tyco’s retail operations for several years. In Tyco’s storefronts, the program gathers information from a number of key sensors to optimize inventory management to deliver improved shopper experience and maximize revenue.

Tyco On is available for similar applications in other markets, such as smart interactive services in the home and better fire, security and energy management in commercial operations. As the brand continues to adapt with new technology and concepts for connecting systems, new opportunities arise.

The international firm is playing a significant role in the development of technology for smart cities, which are comprised of many of the same basic concepts as Tyco On, but on a larger scale. Tyco has joined the City Digital Consortium at UI LABS, a Chicago-based research organization that is looking to leverage the Internet of Things to help cities run more efficiently. Smart cities combine sensors, data tracking and analysis to help municipalities manage everything from streetlights to fire hydrants and everything in between.

Strength in diversity

Long notes that when reflecting on her career, she sees many high points. Beyond her work with Tyco, she has been a career-long proponent of pulling up other professional women. She has made a significant mark on the company by developing programs that serve as vehicles for women’s professional growth and her work has been recognized nationally.

In 2014, she was touted by Women's Executive Network (WXN) as one of Canada's Most Powerful Women. WXN's Top 100 Awards celebrate and highlight professional achievements of strong, fearless female leaders across the country who have become agents of change in reshaping Canadian organizations at the highest levels. “It felt good to know that the work I have done with Tyco in the development of women was recognized in a broader community that supports to same objectives,” she explains.

“Since joining Tyco, I have been extremely passionate about developing vehicles that help women in the company grow,” Long adds. “I am fortunate to work for a company that is also passionate about diversity and inclusion. Tyco has a Women’s Growth Network, which is a global group championing the value, growth and advancement of female leadership in our company. In 2012, I worked to revitalize this important diversity initiative at Tyco and launched many global and local initiatives. For example, as chairperson for the WGN, I have organized an annual Summit for the top 150 women across Tyco globally.”

Long also developed a high-potential program for women, designed to provide career development and leadership coaching for promising female employees as identified by their managers. “Through the program, female employees — from entry level to senior management — are provided a number of resources and tools to help enhance their careers including access to mentors, training and support,” she elaborates. “Every element of the program is focused on strengthening and broadening leadership talents and delivering positive results for these high performers by way of career advancement.”

Long is looking forward to seeing this and other initiatives develop as the company maintains a position as a global pure play leader in fire protection and security  systems. “Tyco's commitment to diversity and inclusion has never been stronger or more important,” she notes. “Through the Women's Growth Network and many other related efforts across the global enterprise, Tyco is creating growth opportunities for women and building greater diversity in our leadership teams.”

With an enduring dedication to innovation, value and opportunity, Tyco Integrated Fire & Security will continue to provide the tools for reliable safety and security to business owners throughout Canada.

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